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  • Can I hide my location from a user?

    Yes. You can edit your privacy settings and decide who sees your location coordinates. You can hide it from one user, for a group of users or you can stay on invisible mode.

  • If I’m on invisible mode, can I still share my location with some people?

    Yes. Even on invisible mode, you can choose to share your coordinates with one or many users, and you can also share it in a group conversation..

  • Can I choose who sees my profile info?

    Yes. You can make your profile information available for everyone or just your friends, from the settings tab.

  • Can I chat with people around me who aren’t my friends?

    Yes. You can browse through people around you and say hi to whomever you wish (as long as their location is public).

  • Who can talk to me?

    Depending on whether your location is public, private or you’re browsing in invisible mode, everyone who can see your location can send you a message. Friends can talk to you even if you’re on invisible mode.

  • Can my friends talk to me when I’m browsing on invisible mode?

    Yes, unless you’ve blocked them, your friends can always get in touch with you.